Walking Dead

I freaking love zombies!

When it comes to the Walking Dead, I can lay here on my big ass couch and binge watch all day on Netflix. The intensive nerve wrecking moments are just out of this world.

When it comes to the spin off series of the show my mind is just blown! I can’t wait to see what the Los Angeles zombie apocalypse will be like. I’m sure it’ll be hard for the survivors. Dealing with the huge L.A. Population, ruthless gang members and Who knows, maybe a few earth quakes. Im sure the cast will have a hell of a time trying to survive in the midst of this apocalypse.  Supposedly LA is where it all began so lets see what the director has in store for us the fans. Maybe we will get atlas a hint to how all of the craziness started

I’m on edge for the series premiere. But until then it’s reruns on of Walking Dead on Netflix. Don’t miss the series premiere on AMC this summer 2015. check out their page here.

Here’s a trailer for the show here.


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