Going to lose weight

Im going to lose weight, no matter what.

I’m determined to shed these pounds. My average wheight has always been 150 to 160 at max. But now my pounds have shot up by thirty. I’m at a whopping 198. The most I have ever weighed in my intire life. Don’t get me wrong I have developed some more muscle mass but the flab is still a lot more noticeable than my pecs bro.

Ever since I’ve gained all this weight I’ve been really lazy. I mean I’ve been sleeping in and stuffing my face every hour of the day. My metabalesom has dropped as so has my energy. My self confidance has been low as well. As an affect from that I’ve been drinking alcohol in excess and not caring about my looks or style. I feel like nothing looks good on me anyways and I’ve let my hair and beard grow to hide the fat in my face, chin and cheeks.

I know it’s gotten bad when I couldn’t even bend over to tie my shoes with out loosing my breath and feeling like my head was going to explode. For that reason plus being healthy enough to live a long, happy and fun filled life with my daughter I’m going to lose this weight.

I am going to push myself to get up early and work out. I will eat healthy be active more. I’m going to start putting my phone down and limit the time I work on my laptop. That means less Facebook and more hype music on spotify to get me motivated and going.


Time to bring the sweat

It’s gonna be hard but I have to break my self into this routine. I’ll post pics and keep you guys updated in my progress. In going to post what I do what I eat and if I’m actually being active. I’m going to hold myself accountable.

Wish me luck on this journey to a better and healthier me.

I can, I will, I must.


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