I hate when a woman says Im a man

I hate when a woman says im a man. Or I’m more manly than most men. No honey, you are not a man. You don’t think like a man. You don’t watch, the same porn we do. You can’t go days without showering, like we do.

We men are an odd bunch. We can have woman left and right. But won’t hesitate to have a 5 minute fap session after taking a huge dump. Shout out to pornhub! With all the free porn these days, why not; Right.

I hate when a woman says I'm a man
We drag our knuckles and we where our fitted suits. We can go the mud pit and get dirty then drink a can of miller and smash it on our forehead. Yes we are a primitive race of walking testosterone. We do things and imagine weird thoughts in our head that you will never understand. We tend to say things like, hey watch this or I bet I can make it. Knowing dam well that theirs a %99 chance that we won’t make it that jump to the other side. Hey at least now we never have to give in to our girlfriend while on a road trip like asking for directions. That’s why we invited

Now don’t get me wrong I love woman and I do respect them. My mother raised me to never put my hands on a woman and to always love them no matter what. But mainly it just irritates the heck out of me when a woman compares them self to being a man.

But here’s a shout out to all the woman out their that do take in the role of a man. Because I can honestly I can say that their are so many men out their that shouldn’t even be able to wear the title of being called a man. Shout out to all the single mothers and hard working woman.

I hate when a woman says I'm a man
Listen I don’t know where I was going with this post. But I just hear that a lot and just felt like writing about it. I wasn’t trying to down talk woman or offended anyone.

Just another rant 🙂

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