Premier Orlando hair show 2015


The Premier Orlando hair show 2015 this weekend was simply awesome. The likes of famous stylists where all in the same building. The main stage was also a great spectacle to watch as well. On the the first floor was vendor upon vendor all over the place. An estimate of 40,000 people where in the building learning, purchasing and having a great time.

This convention was my very first Premier Show. I was blown away and a little overwhelmed by everything that was going on all at once. Their where so many classes going on at the same time. While every booth was having their own Product explanations by educating consumers about their products and showing them first hand how to use them.Floor-01

I can say i enjoyed the whole weekend their. i Look forward to attending many more conventions in the near future. Ive found my passion and i really think that hair is the best career i could’ve made. I left the event inspired and motivated. I made connections with a lot of the right people and learned so much.

I can’t wait for next years show. by then Ill be a real stylist and working in my own shop.

Heres a preview of one of the past events on the main stage by Wella.


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