Don’t forget to smile

it can be so easy to fall into depression and forget how simple it is to be happy again. 

Sometimes life hits us hard; I mean to the point where we don’t want to get out of bed anymore or care about what we look like in the mirror. As if without that certain person, place or thing makes us feel like we can’t function anymore. 

I’ve noticed that when I or someone else around me is having a bad day a smile can cure that angst right away. Almost by instinct if someone smiles at me I responded back with one as well. For that second whatever your going through just literally gets thrown out the window because that smile on your face isn’t about you anymore; it’s about paying it forward to someone else and connecting. So honestly I feel that depression is a selfish desease and one way to start the curing process is by smiling more and making others feel happy about them selves. 

Once you figure out that it’s not about you anymore; that’s when you’ll truly be happy and smiling a whole lot more. 

Remember, don’t forget to smile, you just might make somebodies day a whole lot better šŸ™‚ 


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