Visualize the end goal

Visualize the end goal, make a plan and fucking murder it. 
It’s easy to only dream about the finish line or that new car or house. But without a clear plan or at least setting a deadline on achieving that goal; it’ll always be a dream.

Say you want to buy a new car. You can start by choosing the model or brand you want. Next set a time frame between now and a reasonable date. Depending on your financial situation. Maybe a few weeks, a month or a year from now. But don’t lose track of your goal.

Here’s a way to keep you on track. If you want to save for a down payment on that car. Set small goals for yourself every month or week. It could be X amount of money you’d like to have in the bank account or shedding some pounds with your new exercise plan. Whatever it is keep it simple and when you’ve hit your milestone. Bam!!! You’ve done it. Either you’ve saved a couple thousand or built those killer abs.

Small accomplishments will help keep you on track to becoming or having anything you want in life. So remember; visualize the end goal, create a plan, then execute the FUCK out of it. Because a plan ain’t shit without execution.


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