Morning coffee

Morning coffee
Every morning after I drop off my daughter at school me and my mom head to the handy gas station for our morning blend.

Love that French Vanilla 

It’s gotta be blended on site, if you love coffee as much as we do you’d understand. Freshly brewed is always a must for us. We can tell if the batch is too burnt or just right, from looking at the color. But before I fill my cup I add just the right amount of milk (French vanilla.) We don’t bother with sugar or added creamers, the milk is just fine.

Talk about flowers 

When we get home we pull up the lawn chairs and just sip and talk about the flowers she has growing. My mother’s home is like a small botanical garden filled different plants, trees and flowers. It’s even home to the squires, birds and chickens we have roaming freely lol. Every now and then we look up to the sky and watch the airplans pass and wonder where are they off to or say “hey there goes another one.”

These will be lasting memories 

In all I just love our morning routine. My mother’s always been my best friend and my shoulder to cry on. The past few years though I’ve sort of drifted away from family and kept to myself. I’ve hit low points in my life and struggled with alcohol, depression and stress before. I’ve now found my purpose to get clean and to not worry so much of the little things in life. Now I’m trying my best to build my mother and my relationship so I can always have this lasting memory. I hope one day I can do this same thing with my daughter in the future. Just sit and talk about my flowers and watch the plans fly by. Thank you mom for these precious moments.


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