People don’t care 

People don’t care

We all have excuses for everything. When times get hard we we tend to say “I can’t” or “I don’t have enough money.” We look for a shoulder to cry on, we want that sympathy that our parents would give us as kids. But the reality is that you’re an adult now. Nobody actually gives a shit, about how you feel or what you’re going through, no one. Most people see others struggling in life and simply keep driving or keep scrolling up there timelines and say “dam, I’m glad that ain’t me.” 

I know that not everyone in this world is a heartless person but the fact is that life is hard. There is no rule says you have to be treated better than anyone else. Or that your life should be easy. 

Here’s a test. Go out side on some street corner or in the middle of a busy shopping mall and just stand there and see how many people notice or even give a shit about your problems. Not many will, because they have problems also. 

Life is hard but that doesn’t mean that you have to drink the pain away or find a shoulder to cry on. You simply scream your lungs out like the lion you are and do something about it. If your upset because you can’t lose weight, fucking workout. If you don’t have enough money, stop being expensive shit to empress the same people that don’t give a fuck. 

Our habits and our emotions create who we are. Only you have the power to change what you are to what you want to become. Make a fucking change and stop making excuses. Get your ass up and get to work. 


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