Here we go again.

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Here we go again. So I started working out again and so far I’ve been feeling great. I’m already 1 week in and going on my second. My workout consists of mostly cardio. A lot of running, walking and short routines of leg and arm exercises. My current weight is a round 198. My goal […]


Anime workouts

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Here’s some cool workouts I stumbled upon on Facebook today. They’re really cool, awesome and motivating. I know I definitely need to try these. They have so I’m pretty sure they take the credit. I’m going to try for the rest of the month every morning. Do you think you can knock out these […]


Going to lose weight

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Im going to lose weight, no matter what. I’m determined to shed these pounds. My average wheight has always been 150 to 160 at max. But now my pounds have shot up by thirty. I’m at a whopping 198. The most I have ever weighed in my intire life. Don’t get me wrong I have […]