Barber gives beard advice and haircut.

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Advice for haircut and beard


3 quick and easy hairstyles for men

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Hairstyles for any occasion and how to create them.


How to shave like your grandpa

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How to shave like your grandpa In this video you will be shown how to shave using a safety razor. Hope you enjoy this comedians approach on how to shave. Enjoy!


Hair tip for shiny healthy hair. 

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Do you want shiny healthy hair? Here’s how.


Comb over with bald fade hair cut

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Here’s hair cut I did on an awesome client today. Comb over with bald fade hair cut.


Scumbag Barbers of Rotterdam

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Scumbag Barbers of Rotterdam. Schorem Barbers Documentary  Heres a great documentary of a one of the most manliest barbershops their is.


Cyber Punk hair color by Guy Tang

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Cyber Punk hair color by Guy Tang Watch the skilled hair colorist, Guy Tang in his video on creating a cyber punk look. Inspired by the up and coming movie Suicide Squad. Featuring some of DC comics most memorable bad guys. Guy is a popular hair and color stylist out of Los Angeles, California. He has […]